فرشاة أسنان ذكية Soocas Electric toothbrush V2

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New milk tea color matching and portable milk tea cup


●Charge once, one gear can last for 180 days, and the tooth cleaning is always online ●Upgrade TYPE-C fast charge, charging more time-saving



The toothbrush makes use of a magnetic levitation acoustic wave motor with swing speeds of up to 33600 times per minute




3 Cleaning Modes

● sensitive mode: Suitable for new users, sensitive gums, ● clean mode: Quickly clean tooth stains, morning and evening oral cleaning, care for the mouth ● polishing whitening mode: Stubborn tartar killer, penetrates deep into the teeth to disintegrate stubborn tartar, and whiten teeth with medical grade

2 brushes with 3 usage

● Clean:milk tea pearl texture tongue brush ● Soft brush head: Suitable for people with sensitive gums with Back standard tongue coating brush ●Pamper:soft brush,deep into the dead corner,care for thr mouth

IPX7 grade waterproof

Affer the end of the teeth can be washed directly

The packaeg list:

●brush handle ×1 ●brush heads×2 ●Portable milk tea cup ×1 ●Manual×1 ●Typec charging cable×1

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V2 pink, V2 green