نظارات الواقع الإفتراضي 3D لألعاب الفيديو VR SHINECON G13 Virtual Reality 3D Video Glasses

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Supporting mobile phones: 5-7-inch smart phones;

Myopia support: two eyes within 800 degrees can be adjusted independently;

Lens: HD Blu ray coated lens \ non coated lens;

Pupillary distance: 58-75mm; Focal length: 53.3mm;

Horizontal field of view: about 120 degrees


1.The product is a 3D glasses combining watching movies and playing games, which can turn the mobile phone into a cinema /3D game hall.The product does not need to be charged. Put the mobile phone into the VR glasses, download 3D video, orange VR and other mobile phone players to watch 3D movies online or cache for free.

2.Independent lens adjustment, adjustable knob for pupil distance, object distance adjustment, myopic people available

3.Light body, the appearance is not only simple atmosphere, but also convenient to carr

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1*vr glass