مكنسة وممسحة 4 في 1 BOBOT DEEP 830

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1 ، مكنسة كهربائية جافة ورطبة ، يمكن التعامل مع الرطب والغبار بواسطة آلة واحدة.

2️⃣roombot CPU ، 2500 دورة في الدقيقة مع شفط 8kpa.

3️⃣ نظام المياه الحية ذو الفتحة المزدوجة ، جزيئات الماء الحية ترفض التلوث الثانوي.

4️⃣ التعقيم بالأشعة فوق البنفسجية الفعال

5- التحسين الثوري للتنظيف الذاتي

6️⃣ البحث والتطوير المستقل لحزمة البطارية

7- تصميم فصل التنقية والتلوث

8️⃣ تحكم ذكي في العرض

9️⃣ محرك تقليل الضوضاء

Main Parameters:

Product Name:Wet and dry vacuum floor washer

Product Model:BOBOT DEEP 830

Battery parameters:DC36V/2600mAh/Lithium


Working speed of roller brush:2500RPM

Wastewater tank capacity:450ml

Clean water tank capacity:750ml

Suction power :8.0 Kpa

Net weight :4.4kg

Product Details:

Bobot wat dry vacuum floor washer is the terminator of all floor clean applicances

bobot have overcome world problem brings from vacuum cleaners from more than 100 years that vacuum couldn’t deals with


Nine upgrade core technology leading in the industry

dry and wet vacuum,Wet and dust can be handled by one machine.

roombot CPU,2500rpm with 8kpa suction.

double orifice live water system,living water molecules refuse secondary pollution.

efficient UV sterilization

revolutionary improvement of self cleaning

independent research and development of battery pack

design of purification and pollution separation

intelligent display control

noise reduction motor

vacuum cleaner +electric mop

robot vacuum cleaner

one step solution to dry and wet garbage cleaning

powerful cpu deals with all difficult environment

powerful cpu deals with all difficult environment,strong robot chip with 2500rpm motor and strong 8kpa suction,the whole machine sealing filter system makes dust nowhere to escape


using new “water curtain” technology every time you wipe the floor uses clean water

double hole jet water cleaning floor,but also cleaning roller brush,one-time cleaning all kinds of grounds.

UV eliminates invisuble bacteria

99& the industry’s leading 254nm band intelligent sterilization lamp,

with a sterilization rate of 99%



large capacity clean water tank

cleans more than 200 square meters house at one time

750ml large water tank,

with the function of electric control water tank,

cleans the whole house at one time.

self-clean system

one button ti clean roller brush dust,residual stains inhaled into the wastewater tank,to avoid secondary pollution.



independent research and development of roombot battery pack

30 minutes use time

clean water mopping the floor,wastewater then recycling.

separation of clean and wastewater to avoid secondary pollution.

750ml clean water tank

450ml wastewater tank

don’t worry about different floor material

suitable for carpet ,hard floor,ceramic tile and the other different ground,effectibely clean the ground without damage


use a variety of acoustic noise reduction,noise reduction motor,air duct to reduce turbulence

intimate design portable and reassuring

24% clean edges and corners ,increase efficiency by 24%

handle integrated swicth

23cm micro fiber roller brush

storeage and charging base integrated

Product view



product standard package list:

main machine

clean water tank

wastewater tank

roller brush

charing base

Additional information

Weight 6 kg