مكنسة وممسحة ٣ في ١ wet & dry vacuum Redkey W12

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Redkey W12 Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner Features

1. Wet and dry waste cleaned altogether

2. Quick mopping & pad self-cleaning

3. No water remains after cleaning

4. 3.8kg weight cordless and lightweight

5. 50-minute long-time operation cleaning area 250-300 ㎡

Redkey W12 Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner

New technology

Bid farewell to the dirty cleaning mode. Easily vacuum, mop, and clean the floor.

Bid farewell to old tools such as mops and brooms, clean in one step.

A tractor serves several purposes

Turning traditionally complex processes into quick and easy cleaning

3-in-1 mop and self-cleaning to keep the house clean efficiently and easily

Redkey W12 can vacuum and mop wet and dry waste at the same time.

Cleaning wet and dry wastes

Spaghetti, large size pet food, coffee spill, jam, cream, and other common

daily waste can be cleaned altogether.

No water remains after cleaning

The dry and wet vacuum cleaners on the market have the problem of water
leakage. Redkey W12 solves this problem.

Double water tanks

Redkey W12 separates the clean water tank from the waste one. The mopping
the pad is constantly cleaned as you vacuum to ensure a clean floor.

Lightweight to take up or down the stairs

The W12 weighs only 3.8kg. The cord-free design is easy to take anywhere.

Multi-stage noise reduction

Whole-machine 3-stage noise reduction.

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