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أعلم بيتك أفضل منك

من خلال تقديم تقنية الملاحة بالليزر LDS لإنشاء خريطة دقيقة لمنزلك ، يمكن للروبوت الخاص بك أن يخطط بكفاءة لمسار التنظيف الأمثل لتكييف بيئة منزلك ، دون فقدان أي مناطق أو تكرارها. والروبوت يعرف أين يذهب وينظف عندما تقوم بتعيين المهمة على الخريطة في التطبيق.

· أداء أكثر نظافة لا تشوبه شائبة

يأتي مع مكنسة كهربائية وممسحة في آن واحد. للتأكد من الحصول على تجربة تنظيف شاملة ومتعمقة ، يمكن للروبوت الخاص بك التعامل مع جميع أنواع مشاكل التنظيف المنزلية ، مثل الغبار والحطام وكذلك البقع المستعصية. ومع وجود 3 مستويات لكل من قوة الشفط وسرعات التنقيط ، فإن الروبوت سوف يلبي احتياجاتك المختلفة بشكل مدهش.

· التنظيف من أي مكان وفي أي وقت

من خلال طرق متعددة للتفاعل مع الروبوت الخاص بك ، يمكنك الآن الاستمتاع حقًا بمنزل نظيف بطريقة صحيحة دون أي جهد. قم بتخصيص وجدولة ومراقبة حالة التنظيف من التطبيق في راحة يدك. كما يوفر الاتصال مع Alexa و Google مزيدًا من الراحة بدون استخدام اليدين.

· حرر يديك تمامًا

التصميم النحيف والعقبات المتقاطعة تجعل الروبوت الخاص بك يتنقل بحرية عبر منزلك ولا يعلق أبدًا. ومجهزة بمجموعة من المستشعرات المضادة للتصادم والسقوط ، فهي تضمن تنظيفًا آمنًا دون أي أضرار تلحق بالأثاث. علاوة على ذلك ، يمكن للروبوت أن يعود تلقائيًا إلى قاعدة الشحن الخاصة به عندما تكون البطارية منخفضة دون أي تدخل.



· Knows Your Home Better than You

Introducing LDS Laser Navigation Technology to create a precise map of your home, your robot can efficiently plan the optimal cleaning path to adapt your home environment, without any missed or repeated areas. And the robot knows where to go and clean when you assign the task on the map in the APP.

· Ever More Flawless Clean performance

Comes with vacuum and mop in one. To make sure an all-round and in-depth cleaning experience, your robot can cope with all kinds of household cleaning problems, such as the dust, debris as well as stubborn stains. And with 3 levels of both suction power and dripping speeds, the robot will surprisingly satisfy your various needs.

· Cleaning from Anywhere at Anytime

With multiple ways to interact with your robot, now you can truly enjoy an immaculately clean home without any effort. Customize, schedule and monitor cleaning status from the APP in the palm of your hand. And the connectivity with Alexa and Google creates more hands-free convenience for you.

· Completely Liberate Your Hands

Slim profile and obstacles crossing design make your robot travel freely through your home and never get stuck. And Equipped with an array of anti-collision and anti-drop sensors, it ensures a safe cleaning without any damages to the furniture. Moreover, the robot can automatically return to its charging base when battery is low with no intervention.

LDS Laser Navigation Technology

Laser navigation technology enables your robot to scan and map the entire home to create an optimal cleaning route. Instead of moving randomly, the robot works with MIND so that it could avoid skipping or repeating any area, even in the dark.

High Efficiency Cleaning in Various Situations

Equipped with 4000PA BLDC Motor, your robot can be switched to different levels of suction to cope with different situations. And the robot will automatically boost suction power when detecting carpets. Additionally, V-shaped roller brush and dual-side brushes bring an uncompromised cleaning performance with no dirt left behind.

Carpet Pressurization Specialized Carpet

Pressurization mode can automatically identify the carpet and switch to the maximum suction to clean it.

Electronic-Control Water Tank

With several dripping speeds to select, your robot can ensure the right amount of water is used each time, leaving you with sparkling floors and no leaks.

APP Control & Smart Home Integration

App control lets you schedule a clean, select cleaning mode, monitor cleaning progress and check accessory status wherever you are. And thanks to Google and Alexa connectivity, your robot creates more hands-free convenience for you.

Custom Cleaning & Virtual Walls

Custom Cleaning Send your robot to anywhere you want. By displaying the family map in real time on the APP, the bedroom, living room, and kitchen can be cleaned independently. Virtual Walls Define your restricted areas to clean by setting virtual walls in your home.


Without any intervention, your robot will automatically go back to its charging base when battery is low

Anti-Collision & Anti-Drop & Obstacles Crossing Ability

Anti-Collision When detecting obstacles in front, anti-collision sensors will allow your robot to lower the speed and then have a soft bumping for corner cleaning to protect your furniture. Anti-Drop Anti-drop sensors on the bottom can recognize the cliff and avoid falling, ensuring a safe cleaning around stairs. Obstacles Crossing Ability Easily cross over carpets and doorsills up to 20mm to clean without hindrance

Long Working Time

Runs continuously for up to 180 minutes, over 250m2 area on a single charge. (*Tested in Midea lab on hard floors. Run times may vary. * )

What’s In Box

1、Robot 2、Mopping Cloth 3、Side Brush 4、Power Cord 5、Charging Base 6、HEPA Filter

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