مكنسة لاسلكية بقوة شفط 20000 باسكال Dreame V9P

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Main Features:

>>> Select five-fold filtration to filter dust particles as small as 0.3 microns

>>> Purchase lithium battery pack, energy-saving mode operation about 60 minutes

>>> Electric mites brush, deep cleaning mattress and fabric to rate of 99.9PCT

>>> Two in one brush, fine cleaning every corner

>>> Family and car cleaning mobile portable cleaning

>>> Dust cup capacity 0.5L, one button dumping, ten fingers do not dust

>>> Using Space3.0 brushless digital motor, 0.3 seconds lightning start, about 100,000 speed per minute

>>> Charging time is about 3-4 hours,

>>> Battery capacity 2500mAh, rated power 400W, rated voltage: 25.2V, suction power 120AW, vacuum 20kPa

>>> Material: ABS


Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

100,000rpm Digital Motor|20,000 Pa Suction|Five-stages Filteration|60 Minutes Run Time

120AW Suction Power

20,000PA Strong Wind Power

0.3 Second Quickly Boot

Space3.0 Brushless Digital Motor

The Space3.0 brushless digital motor spins up to 100,000rpm per minute. It generates 120AW and 20,000 Pa suction. Capture the deep-dowm dirt or hair thoroughly.

Muitiple Cyclones Separation

The small cyclones each genrate powerful force in filling 99.99% dust or pollen into the bin.

The cold air system design

Ensure the battery is durable and strong

Unique SamrtCool 3.0 air cooling system design, ensure the best working state of the motor, and guide part of the air flow to the battery, accelerate heat dissipation, improve endurance.

Up to 60 Minutes Run Time

Adopts lithium battery pack, energy-saving mode operation about 60 minutes, can clean 400 square meters area. The max mode provides the strong suction, for versaltile cleaning in hard-to-reach areas.

Five-stages Filteration

Five-stages filteration traps dust as small as 0.3 microns and 99.99% of allergens. Suction these in the bin without entering the vacuum cleaner motor can also avoid secondary pollution during the next usr.

Perfectly Balance

Put the Motor Behind

Optimize the installation position of important components such as motors,and move the center of gravity backward. Make it lighter and more flexible when pushing, pulling and lifting.

*Above data of dreame V9P was tested by dreame research and developmentcenter in certain condition,WeReserves the right of interpretation

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2 invention patents, 55  Utility model patents and 20 appearance patents.

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