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Description for Deerma FD15W Electric Cooling Floor Fan, With 5 Blades And 3 Fan Speed Mode, Auto Rotate Left & Right Smooth Airflow, Strong Gust Lightweight, 40W Power, White | FD15-WHITE

Deerma FD15 Fan provide yourself with a pleasant cooling on hot summer days. The Deerma FD15 fan is equipped with 5 specially designed blades and allows you to choose from 3 fan speeds. It can automatically rotate left and right and you can also adjust its tilt up or down. Its convenient operation is ensured by a built-in knob. The device is also distinguished by its adjustable height, so it can serve as a floor or desk fan.

• Pleasant Cooling – Have you had enough of the unbearable heat? Deerma FD15W fan will certainly find application in your home! The device is distinguished by 5 blades, whose
shape was inspired by bionics. Thanks to them, it can provide a smooth airflow and offers gentle, natural-like, pleasant gusts of wind to help you cool down on a hot day. The fan
is designed to be perfect not only for adults, but also for children and the elderly


• 3 Speed to choose from – Adjust the fan operation to suit your needs and get the cooling you need. The FD15W offers 3 fan speeds to choose from. The first level provides a
gentle breeze. The second level offers a refreshing, pleasant coolness. The third one provides strong gusts that let you cool down effectively in a short time. Choose a fan that
works perfectly in different situations


• Set it up the way you want it – Be assured that gusts of pleasantly cool wind will reach every corner of the room of your choice. The FD15W fan can automatically rotate in left
and right within 80-90 degree. You can also manually adjust its tilt up or down (within 25-30 deegre). Position it so that it can provide optimal cooling for the entire room and
forget about the annoying heat


• Convenient Operation – Operation of the fan is extremely simple and convenient. You can easily adjust the fan speed with a special knob, while a small button allows you to turn
on and off the automatic rotation. What’s more, both elements are located on top of the device. You don’t have to bend down to reach them – thanks to this solution the fan can
be used comfortably also by the elderly


• Various Application – The height of the unit can be freely adjusted. This makes the FD15W perfect not only as a floor fan, but also as a desk fan. Place it in the desired location
and enjoy a pleasant chill, while you work, read a book, cook or watch a movie. The device is so lightweight that moving it around is no problem. It also does not take up too
much space, which makes it much easier to store


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