مجفف شعر أنيق Soocas So Care HMH001

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Feature and Specification

Brand: Xiaomi SOOCAS
Product Name: hair dryer
Model: HMH001
Design: straight tube type
Product size: 158mm * 75mm * 243mm
Rated power: 1800W
Rated input: 220 V-50 Hz
Net weight: 0.62kg
Power cord length: 180cm


*The combination of blowing and nourishing can lock water for a long time and increase the luster of hair.
*Double air duct design, cold and hot air circulation, nutrition box output ingredients, at the same time, does not affect the drying speed.
*1800W high power, blow dry fast enough without damaging hair.
*30 million negative ions make hair smoother.








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