غسالة ومجفف ملابس محمولة قابلة للطي للسفر والرحلات Mini, Portable Washer and Dryer Small Foldable Washing Machine

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Features: 2in1: Washing machine + drain function Basic parameters Product Name: Mini Folding Washing Machine Rated voltage: 100-240V Rated frequency: 50HZ Rated power: 153W Color: peach pink/sky blue Folding method: press down and fold Time interval: 1-10min Features: comes with a drain basket, with touch timing function Function introduction: portable and efficient, forward and reverse rotation speed, fast dehydration. Product parameters: 20.5cm*20.5cm*14cm (folded state) 20.5cm*20.5cm*26cm (stretched state) Product package: main body*1, power adapter*1, washboard*1, drain basket*1 Bionic hand washing, does not damage clothes, two-way power, easy to remove stains; it can also complete parent-child activities, guide the baby to wash clothes by himself, and learn to be independent in happiness. Intimate reminder: Try not to wash long jeans. Children’s underwear Children’s clothing, T-shirts, small clothes, shirts can be used normally. How to use tips The product control panel has two lines. The first line is the indicator light of the current mode (display only) The second line is the control button. After connecting the power supply, there will be a sound of “DI”, press the button for three seconds to turn on, touch the button to adjust mode, and press the button for three seconds to turn off the machine.