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الخصائص الرئيسية:

● سبائك الألومنيوم عالية القوة كهيكل عام ويتم التحكم في وزن العربة بالكامل إلى 6.8 كجم

● من خلال تصميم الربط الميكانيكي الرائع ، فإن تجربة الطي سهلة

● الحجم صغير ومضغوط بعد الطي

● يأتي مع عجلة من رغوة البولي يوريثان غير السامة المختارة خصيصًا مقاس 6 بوصات

● نظام التخميد المستقل رباعي العجلات يقلل بشكل كبير من هزة الأرض وهو مستقر ومريح

● مع 8 محامل وعجلتين أماميتين بزاوية 360 درجة ، تم تحسين الطلاقة والنعومة بشكل كبير ، ويجلس الطفل بشكل مريح أثناء وجود الأسطوانة على الطريق

● حزام الأمان خماسي النقاط محمي بقوة منتشرة لمنع الطفل من الانهيار العرضي

● نظام فرامل مزدوج بزر واحد يلبي متطلبات المعايير الأوروبية لعجلات أكثر أمانًا

● يأتي مع مظلة واقية من الشمس بدرجة احترافية UPF 50+ ، طبقة مزدوجة مقاومة للماء



XIAOMI Mitu Baby Stroller Folding 4 Wheel
shock absorption stroller Anti-UV Antibacterial cushion traveling Baby trolley

Handrail installation video

This stroller meets all your expectations for the stroller

1. Foldable, easy to travel 2. Lightweight, convenient travel, 3. Small size and convenient storage

MITU Folding Stroller

* The high-strength aluminum alloy as the overall frame and the weight of the whole vehicle is controlled to 6.8kg
* Through the exquisite mechanical linkage design, the folding experience is easy
* The size is small and compact after folding
* Comes with a specially selected 6-inch non-toxic PU foam wheel
* The four-wheel independent damping system to relieve uneven ground, stable and comfortable
* With 8 bearings and two 360 degree front wheels, the fluency and smoothness are greatly improved, the baby is very comfortable.
* The five-point seat belt is protected by a disseminated force to prevent the baby from accidentally crashing
* One-button dual brake system that meets the requirements of European standards for safer wheels
* Comes with a UPF 50+ professional-grade sun protection canopy, double-layer waterproof Note: designed for 0 to 3 years old whose weight is 15kg or lighter.

Folding Baby Stroller

One-handed operation/Boarding without checking/Four wheels independent shock absorption/Sit or lie down

Even with Children, Your Radius of Action doesn’t Actually Shorten the Folding stroller make it easy to take your baby with you. You can easily take your baby shopping,walking, traveling abroad,and experiencing more wonderful moments that belong to you together

One hand Easily Control

With a gentle swing of one hand, the stroller can complete the process from folding to unfolding. The exquisite design of the whole structure and the delicate linkage with the movable joints guarantee the simple and convenient operation of folding and unfolding

Portable and Free Access

The folded stroller is small as the boarding box, and with the shoulder strap design, it can be placed in the trunk of a car, on a plane or on the subway

Skin-friendly Antibacterial Seat Cushion

It meets the class A standard and can effectively inhibit more than 99% staphylococcus aureus. Skin-friendly and breathable mesh knitted fabric is soft and comfortable, with especially anti-static treatment, suitable for baby use. Removable design is convenient for daily cleaning

UPF50+ High Landscape Roof, Protecting Baby’s Delicate Skin

The three-section adjustable roof cover is made of elastic fabrics on all sides of the surface and PU film on the bottom. which has excellent residence and flexibility, and can keep smooth and beautiful after repeated closure.

The front and rear wheel sets are double-bearing, with 360 degrees front wheels, which greatly improves the smoothness and smoothness of the implementation. Even if the rough road surface is still is called an SUV in a folding car.

Four Independent Shock Absorption

The 6 inch non toxic PU foam wheel has high abrasion resistance. The four wheel independent shock absorption system can significantly alleviate the ground shock and reduce the discomfort caused by baby’s shaking

One Foot Double Brake, Precise Brake

The rear wheel adopts the design of one-button and two-brake system, which can realize braking by gently pressing the button with one foot under the driving state. It is accurate and convenient for braking

High Strength Aluminum Alloy Frame, Lightweight and Strong

Adopts aluminum alloy main frame, high quality carbor structural steel bearing parts, supplemented by brass as rotating parts bushing,to ensure the safety and reliability of each movable joint, easy to operate

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Visible skylight Non slip handle

Seamless zipper Five point seat belt

Non skid foot pedal 5 kg carrying basket

Through a mumher of rigorous tests,the baby is fully guardet

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