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  • شاشة عرض عالية الدقة مقاس 1.4 بوصة: تتميز ساعة أمازفيت بيب يو بشاشة مربعة أنيقة عالية الدقة مقاس 1.4 بوصة توفر مساحة عرض أكبر من واجهة الساعة المستديرة بنفس العرض، حتى تتمكن من حمل المزيد من المعلومات.
  • عمر بطارية طويل 9 أيام: تعمل هذه الساعة الذكية على تحسين استهلاك الطاقة للمكونات لتوفير قدرة تحمل طويلة الأمد لمدة 7 أيام مع الحفاظ على هيكل الساعة النحيف، مما يتيح لك تجنب الشحن المتكرر.
  • المزيد من مقاييس تتبع الصحة: تتيح لك الساعة الذكية أمازفيت بيب يو مراقبة بصرية دقيقة تتبع معدل ضربات القلب ومستويات الأكسجين في الدم ومستويات الإجهاد والتنفس وجودة النوم وأنماط النوم.
  • تصميم خفيف الوزن للغاية: تزن Amazfit Bip U حوالي 31 جرامًا فقط. تصميم فائق الخفة لا يمكنك الشعور به عند السعي لتحقيق أعلى أداء.
  • تتبع صحة النساء: مع نظام تتبع الفترة الأنثوية تسجل وتنبؤ دورة الطمث الأنثوي وترسل تنبيهات ذكية.


Blood-oxygen Level Measurement

This smart watch is equipped with a newly upgraded biological optical tracking sensor, the BioTrackerTM 2, that supports measurement of blood-oxygen saturation6. When feeling unwell, under mental stress, engaged in intensive workouts such as marathons and gym sessions, or in high-altitude and hypoxic environments, you can immediately measure your blood-oxygen saturation and understand your physical state.

60+ Sports Modes

The Bip U helps you record your exercise data to help you work out at a higher level. You can check your walking distance, speed, heart rate changes, calories burned, and other key factors such as whether you are exercising in your fat burning zone or cardiopulmonary strengthening zone based on your heart rate, as well as receiving instant alerts when your heart rate gets too high.

5 ATM Water-Resistance

Water-resistant up to 50 meters(3), you can wear the Bip U for swimming and it will track your movements and record your achievements even under water.

24/7 Heart Rate Monitoring

The Bip U can maintain continuous 24-hour heart rate monitoring(4). With its Huami-proprietary BioTrackerTM 2 PPG biological optical sensor, the Amazfit Bip U delivers accurate heart rate measurements.

Sleep Quality Monitoring

Accurately monitor your sleep stages, including those of deep sleep, light sleep, REM, awake time, and afternoon naps(5), and interpret the characteristics to provide you sleep quality score and insight.

Stress Level Monitoring

The watch supports stress monitoring and can provide breathing training to help balance your stress levels, so that you can instantly know when you need to rest and relax.

PAI™ Health Assessment System

PAI™ is a health evaluation system(7) that uses algorithms to transform complex information such as heart rate data, activity duration, and other health data into numerical values, and presents this data to users without being limited by the time, place, or form of exercise. It creates a customized health evaluation system for each user based on their unique health data, offering everyone a unique experience.

50 Watch Faces

50 watch faces(1) are available to suit your mood and outfit, or you can upload your own photos for a more personalized watch face. The Bip U also supports animated watch faces that make every glance at your watch a unique experience.

9-day Battery Life

When fully-charged, you can relax and enjoy up to nine days(2) of activity and progress with typical usage, or up to five days(2) with heavy usage. Keep active with one less charger in your bag.

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