خلاط متعدد الاستخدامات شاومي Pinlo YM-B05 Electric Portable Juicer

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Description : :XIAOMI Pinlo YM-B05-YMB Grinding Cup Suitable For Pinlo YM-B05 Electric Portable Juicer Kitchen Kitchen Juicer Accessories – Grinding Hard Ingredients The Pinlo mixing machine has the power of a 500W/3000-rpm pure copper motor. It is matched with a Pinlo grinding cup. It has a harder cup and more impact-resistant tools. It is more suitable for grinding dry and hard materials. – 2mm Stainless Steel Blunt BladeThe insert of the Pinlo grinding cup is 20% thicker than the original Pinlo mixer blade, which effectively transmits the power of the cooking machine motor. The blunt k-nife design replaces the cutting with a collision, which reduces the chance of the chipping and makes it easier to handle high-intensity ingredients. – Asymmetric Blade Design The asymmetrical one-word design, the curved blunt k-nife hits the food to throw the ingredients, and the glass spoiler design improves the grinding efficiency. The blunt blunt k-nife extends to the bottom of the cup, and the food left by the secondary treatment is finer. – High-Strength Glass Body Pinlo grinding cups are made of tempered glass. The cups are strong and wear-resistant. The ingredients are not adhered, clean and transparent, and safer to use. – Press Start Design Like the Pinlo mixing machine, it is a press-start design that stops the cup and is safe. Specification :BrandPinloModelYM-B05-YMB Material Calcification Glass / Stainless Steel / Silicone / ABSColor Grey + TransparentWeight 406gSize 86.5 x 86.5 x 121mmCapacity160MLRecommend Product : ProductModel ID Pinlo YM-B05 Electric Portable Juicer 1309822Package Includes :1 x Pinlo Grinding Cup



Xiaomi Pinlo YM-B05 Blender Mixer Portable Mini Fruit Juice


  • Brand: Xiaomi
  • Material: Plastic
  • Rated power: 500W
  • Rated voltage: 220V
  • Product size: Approx. 35*11*11cm/8.7*3.94*3.94in
  • Product weight: Approx. 1450g/51.13oz
  1. Mini size and adorable body: Simple and exquisite design, providing you great viewing feeling.
  2. 500W/30000RPM Electric Motor: Tough and powerful, helping you smash the fruit or ice quickly.
  3. Chain Press Structure: Easy for you to operate, simple and safe.
  4. Strong System: Equipped with Eddy-current Stirring System, the machine provides you tasty juice rapidly.
  5. External Whorl Design: You can clean it thoroughly, no need to worry the remains, convenient and safe.


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