حزام حمل الهاتف أثناء الرياضة Earldom ET-S1 Universal Sports Phone Holder Arm Band

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Earldom ET-S1 Universal Sports Phone Holder Arm Band

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EARLDOM ET-S8 Waterproof Mobile Storage Bag for Bicycle Motorcycle.

The belt is designed to be sporty, youthful and personality with many outstanding colors for you to freely choose according to your liking.
Made of soft stretch fabric for comfortable wearing
Its extremely light weight makes it easy to carry with you even if you wear it for a long distance without causing fatigue.
Designed with a sturdy strap, you can put it on and take it off easily as well as customize the size to your liking depending on the position you are wearing such as wrist or biceps
The position of contact with the biceps is lined with soft foam padding with many ventilation holes to create a grip, not easy to slip and not cause hand pain.
The running belt is composed of 1 phone pocket, 1 earphone slot and 1 key slot so you can carry your essentials with you when you exercise.
In particular, the phone pocket is sewn firmly, the front has a transparent glass layer to make it easy to touch, you can use the phone without having to open the case.
Besides, the design of openings at the bottom and top of the bag allows you to plug in headphones to listen to music or talk.
In addition, this product is also slightly water resistant, even if you use it in light rainy weather, you don’t have to worry about getting the contents inside