جهاز تدليك وحمام للأقدام شاومي Xiaomi Youpin HITH Foot Bath Barrel T1

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Xiaomi Youpin HITHجهاز تدليك و حمام القدم برميل T1
جهاز تدليك ذكي للقدمين بدرجة حرارة ثابتة وغسل منزلي سبا للقدم
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Xiaomi Youpin HITH Foot Bath Barrel T1

Intelligent Constant Temperature Feet Massager Home Washing Foot Spa
Relieve Pressure


Basic Information:

  • -Function: The surfing function
  • -Whether there is a handle device: there is a handle device
  • -Water height: 25cm
  • -Footbath heating method: DPS heater
  • -Drainage method: bottom row
  • -Footbath power: 900W
  • -Whether to support intelligence: not supported


-How to store the product?

This product has a small appearance and only needs an area of 0.1m².

Storage does not occupy space. Please place it in a ventilated and dry place when storing.

-How to drain the product?

HITH smart footbath T1 adopts front hidden drainage,turn on the drain switch to easily drain the water.

After draining the water, drain the water press the switch back to its original position.

-How to clean the product?

HITH smart foot bath T 1 uses soft rubber massage pads, and there is no clean dead corner at the bottom of the pelvis.

After taking a foot bath, wipe the soft rubber massage pad to keep the basin hygienic.