بطارية كبيرة سعة 30000 ملي امبير Rebenuo 30000 Mah Power Bank

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External battery for laptops 100W PD 30,000mAh

Charge any device, anywhere, at the highest speed.




Much more than a simple powerbank, this is Leotec’s new 30,000mAh high-performance battery capable of recharging up to 4 devices at the same time, with 2 USB-A ports and another 2 bidirectional USB-C ports that allow charging of any electronic device connected to it.

A battery indicated to provide up to 100W with Power Delivery (PD) to new generation laptops through its USB-C ports.

This device allows you to recharge all types of USB-A or USB-C compatible hardware such as laptops, game consoles and others. Check the technical specifications of your equipment.




  • Thanks to its 4 output ports, you can connect several devices at the same time.
  • View all the charging information and remaining battery level through its LCD panel.
  • USB-C ports enable both charging of compatible connected devices and recharging of the device’s internal battery.
  • The USB-A ports allow only the charging of connected devices.